Landon Heights is a country music artist born and raised on living the small town life in Central Texas. At a young age He grew up in church and started out playing music there at just 6 years old. Landon was always raised listening to 90’s country music and found his way to hearing the Texas country music style in his teenage years. Wade Bowen, Stoney Larue, & Cross Canadian Ragweed are just some of the Texas artists that Landon was inspired by. For the last 15 years he has been traveling the country performing and recording music in the Christian/Gospel genre, however Landon has always enjoyed writing what is on his heart with a southern style. Growing up, Landon's favorite thing to do as a kid was listen to his dad play country songs with his guitar at the kitchen table. That's what began his passion for writing and performing music. In fall of 2020, Landon released his first Texas country radio single "Homecoming Queen '' and led him to an opportunity to share the stage with artists such as The Bellamy Brothers, Brandon Rhyder and more. Landon released his debut four song EP “Soul Of A Six String” that same year on new years eve and brought you his first top charting single from that project entitled “Lead Me On.” A song about heartbreak after a flame was lit during a life event he had in past years. The song shot to radio and opened new doors for Landon. One year later after breaking into the country scene, Landon release his first self titled album. The project featured his latest single "Jamie" out on Texas country radio now. In 2022, Landon began reaching for bigger dreams by releasing his first national country radio single called "When The Devil Walks In" in the spring with more music to come! Be on the lookout for more information on Landon’s social media and of course right here at